“If you were brusing your teeth, I would not hear your voice!”

13 Oct

“Please Don’t Sneeze in the Mixing Bowl!”

30 Aug

{today would be the day to politely decline a pancake from the Little One}

“If anybody touches anyone else in this house, everybody is going straight to bed!”

16 May

“Do I kick you when you don’t listen to me?”

16 Feb

She claims the poor dog wasn’t listening to her … OY!

“You’re lucky you’re cute!”

3 Jan

Little One ~ “Everybody tells me that.” (with her hand on her hip)

OY! This child is a piece of work!

“Is it safe to put a chair on the bed?”

20 Dec

~   “Yes, we checked to make sure there were no spiders first.” ~ the Little One.  I’m not sure she understood the question.

“You figured out rocket science, you can figure out a dishwasher!”

18 Oct